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SAT WORD #42: Demonstrable. (Adj.) Clearly apparent, or capable of being logically proven.

Joyee’s demonstrable expertise – in college admissions, test prep,
and academic coaching – guides every student’s one-on-one Thinque Prep session.

SAT WORD #71: Deterrent. (N.) Something that gets in your way.

Don’t let an SAT score deter you from your goals;
let the Perfect Score Tutor help you crack the code.

SAT WORD #87: Arcane. (Adj.) Mysterious, known only by a few.

Let Joyee demystify the seemingly arcane best practices for crafting a winning college application.

SAT WORD #90: Tractable. (Adj.) Of a situation or problem: easy to deal with.

Whatever the school subject, the Thinque Prep office is where students’ academic emergencies become suddenly tractable.

SAT WORD #63: Adroit. (Adj.) Clever or skillful in using the hands or mind.

Long-term Thinque Prep students become adroit learners, navigating problems in the classroom, not just on the test.

SAT WORD #72: Bespoke. (Adj.) Made for a particular customer or user.

No two students are alike. Why should you expect your prep to be?
Let us help you achieve success through a bespoke success plan.

Learn the Secrets of College Admissions

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Posted by Thinque Prep on Saturday, June 29, 2019

Bringing Unique Focus to Your Academic Journey

Thinque Prep specializes in the personalized mentorship of students and their families through the entire pre-college process. With so many recent changes to college admissions process -- standardized tests, financial aid, the application process -- the educational landscape has never been more competitive or confusing. We are here from the first summer program to the last college acceptance letter. Our experts even provide support for students who need pre-professional support in college. It's never too early to start thinking about college, so give us a call for a complimentary consultation today!

Home of the Perfect Score Tutor

Thinque Prep's is proud to be home to the one of few test prep coaches in the country to have a perfect score on both the SAT(1600) and ACT(36).