College Counseling

The Dream College Program (GRADES 9-12)

This is the real-deal, king-of-the-mountain, everything-you-deserve Path to College program. This is the full comprehensive college counseling program combined with the full comprehensive testing program. In addition to all the benefits if an ultimate program, I’ll make sure you’re feeling confident in all your classes by giving you a pre-loaded Thinque Prep Tutor Bank Account.

Talk to me about this program. This is the program that gives you your road map from Step A to Step Z. It’s the ACT score and the full college application. And – to be selfish for a second – I want you in this program, because it lets me see you all the way to the finish line. Ask any teacher: That’s a real gift for me.

The College Counseling Program (GRADES 9-12)

Whatever stage you’re at, we’ll start crafting your dream college application. [future project for a graphic designer … can be plain text for now. PRESENT BELOW AS GRAPHIC, GRADE 9 – 10 – 11 – 12]

Grade 12: Whether you’ve started or not, I will help you catch up and submit the strongest application you can. We’ll talk about it all: Your college list, intended major, coursework, activities list, teacher recommendations, standardized testing, and – of course – all of the essays that are coming your way.

Grade 11:: Don’t listen to anyone who tells you this is too soon to start preparing your application! The choices matter, and good work takes time to do. We’ll take our time crafting a strong application, and I’ll give personal recommendations on how to use your energy and resources after school to create an even stronger application.

Grade 10:: Through discussions and individual assignments, you’ll decide your intended college major. We will focus on streamlining your commitments to tell a story informed by the major. We’ll discuss actions to take to demonstrate leadership and a commitments to personal values. And we’ll keep in close contact about your work in the classroom, making sure it aligns with the goals we set together.

Grade 9:: This is the best time to start. We’ll make a full four-year plan – including academic goals, extracurricular/leadership goals, and a standardized testing timeline – so that every meeting becomes a guided step toward your dream college goal.

The earlier you start, the more impact we can make on your future dream college application.