Joyee Lin

Test Preparation Specialist (SAT 1600, ACT 36)


Warm Greetings!

Hello, Students and Parents! My name's Joyee. (Pronounced "Joey" like the baby kangaroo). I'm a test preparation expert and personal guide for students in high school pushing hard to achieve their goals - and setting them up for success in their next stage in life.

As a college counselor, test-prep guru, and educational cheerleader, I don't just dole out sagely wisdom and send students home to study; I sit with them, open the book, and talk them through the task, whatever it is.

I'm the expert who's in your corner, just a quick call or text away.


If you're anything like me, you want to know what makes your counselor/coach the expert he says he is. Let me tell you about some of the great things I've done since graduating from Northwestern:

College Admissions Expertise

  • I'm a former application reader for Claremont McKenna College (Claremont, CA).
  • I organize and facilitate the annual College Admissions Workshop at Soka University, connecting real admissions officers with Orange County students.
  • I'm a member of the college counseling organizations IECA, NACAC, and WACAC.
  • I visit, on average, 20 college campuses per year, nationally and internationally.
  • I communicate regularly with admissions representatives from colleges around the country and can get you in touch, too.
  • Check out my students' acceptances here!

"Perfect Score" Test Prep Tutor

  • I took the tests myself -- recently, not fifteen years ago -- and I thought I did okay!
    o 1600 SAT
    o 36 ACT
    o 800 SAT Math 2
    o 800 SAT Literature
    o 800 SAT Spanish
  • Worked for Kaplan, Revolution Prep, and many other countries that offer test preparation classes
  • My students average a 150-point increase (SAT) or a 5-point increase (ACT) after completing the Comprehensive Test Prep program.

Academic Coach - Your All-Around Tutor

  • I've been doing this for a while! See the list of Thinque Subjects here.
  • Ask me about your individual subject of interest, and I'll tell you why I'm the right person to help.

What Else?

Five Facts about Joyee

  • Born and raised in California, but I love to travel to places where I can wear a scarf.
  • I've visited over 100 college campuses in the past five years.
  • I love the theatre, and took as many chances as I could to act in shows at Northwestern.
  • You can probably tell from the office decor, but my favorite colors are purple and teal.
  • My favorite animal? Cartoon Hippos.