About Thinque Prep

A self-professed test preparation geek, Joey has spent the last 10 years of his life studying the exams and analyzing their structure and content. His approach to test preparation emphasizes holistic, long-term learning. Indeed, he has used his knowledge of test preparation to achieve perfect scores on both the SAT (2400) and ACT (36).

Message from Joyee:

I found my first tutoring client in my senior year of high school. My AP Literature teacher reached out to him needing to review some basic math before taking the GRE for his application into a Ph.D. program. I eagerly accepted the challenge unaware of the scope of the impact it would have on me: I have since had the opportunity to mentor hundreds of high school students and young adults across the country in nearly every aspect of high school and graduate school preparation.

What I have discovered through working at many of the companies across the country is that most of them lack the foundation-building approach that many students require. Instead of trying to help students through the learning process, test prep organizations try to coach students to use gimmicks that only work some of the time. Through my own experiences, I have seen under-trained instructors teaching classrooms full of impressionable minds by reading out of a textbook. What’s more, these programs do not teach concepts; they push students to memorize gimmicks that don’t always work.

As I have discovered, the truth is that in the world of supplemental education, there is no magic wand. That is why I have founded Thinque Prep – to fulfill a personal responsibility to provide students with the quality approach to education that they need. Through having my own organization, I can ensure that students are learning they way they should be learning. My goal isn’t just to help students do well on their tests: it’s to help students become master learners.

By the way, my AP Literature teacher ended up doing better on the Quantitative section than the Verbal section.

To assist your child on their academic journey we offer the following services:

Academic Coaching

At some point, every student will need assistance with academics. From solving algebraic functions to writing a stellar admissions essay, we are here to help students succeed. Self-study is often the best solution, but it works most effectively when supplemented with targeted, expert advice. Thinque Prep provides academic support for students in every subject to make sure they can achieve their goals.

Test Preparation

We believe that every student should be informed about and be able to explore the different options available as they prepare for college. Whereas other programs focus on "gaming" the exam, we focus on developing students' foundations, so they can become independent thinkers. We challenge our students to develop skills that will not only boost their test scores but also provide them with skills they can use in college.

College Advising

The road to a four-year college is extremely difficult. With the constantly changing admissions field and countless deadlines, applying to college can be extremely overwhelming. We are here to help you each and every step of the way.

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