About Thinque Prep

Recent statistics have found that high school counselors see one student for an average of 38 minutes over the span of 4 years. It's no wonder so many parents and students are confused about the steps they should take to begin the college preparation process! Many times parents lack the resources necessary to guide their children on the path to a successful college career. At Thinque Prep we understand that no two families are alike and we take pride in facilitating the college preparation process to meet the needs of every family we work with. We work our hardest to make sure your child thrives in the best and most nurturing college environment. 

To assist your child on their academic journey we offer the following services:

Academic Coaching

At some point, every student will need assistance with academics. From solving algebraic functions to writing a stellar admissions essay, we are here to help students succeed. Self-study is often the best solution, but it works most effectively when supplemented with targeted, expert advice. Thinque Prep provides academic support for students in every subject to make sure they can achieve their goals.

Test Preparation

We believe that every student should be informed about and be able to explore the different options available as they prepare for college. Whereas other programs focus on "gaming" the exam, we focus on developing students' foundations, so they can become independent thinkers. We challenge our students to develop skills that will not only boost their test scores but also provide them with skills they can use in college.

College Advising

The road to a four-year college is extremely difficult. With the constantly changing admissions field and countless deadlines, applying to college can be extremely overwhelming. We are here to help you each and every step of the way.

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